According to the contemporary study of names, the name Semiramis has Jewish origins and it means “highest heaven” because according to the legend, Semiramis turned into a dove following her death. The restaurant is located in one of the most significant quarters of the Old Town of Chania and is honoring its long history. The Jewish quarters is enclosed by the streets of Chalidon, Zampeliou, Skoufon (Semiramis restaurant street) and Portou. Remnant of the Cretan Jewish community stands the Jewish Synagogue Etz Hayyim on Kondilaki Street. The Synagogue reveals the presence of Jews on the island from the time of the Venetian occupation until the WWII and is the only one left and open for service in Crete.

The area today, besides its historical significance and its architectural flair, is showcasing a significant commercial and touristic development and it is an area that each summer is buzzing from the colorful touristic gift shops, boutique hotels and restaurants.

Semiramis restaurant is a timeless choice thanks to its undisputable quality, its heartfelt service and the pure tastes that define Cretan hospitality. The dishes have a fresh, home-made quality, are cooked with love and care with pure, local ingredients and virgin olive oil. The unique, exterior space with the stone, wood and well, being the star elements, create an atmosphere of a traditional, village courtyard. The nights with live Cretan music accompany your dinner and lure you into a genuine Greek feast. This summer, following every health and safety protocol, Semiramis once again welcomes you to experience unforgettable nights!